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Pesticide free

Conventional fruits and vegetables usually contain pesticide residues. These compounds accumulate through the food chain in products such as meat and eggs. Pesticides used in developed countries are regulated. However, the evidence suggests that even authorised levls of pesticides can cause cancer y and premature death. They have also beenassociated with attention disorders in children..

Organic farmers replace pesticides with natural methods to combat pests. For example, they introduce beneficial insects in the crops which control pests in nature.

What to do Chensheng Lu, proffesor at the Harvard School of Health: "An intelligent consumer should choose pesticide-free products . I think it is the best way of protecting your health."

No genetically modified crops

A recent animal study showed that the consumption of genetically modified maize causes tumors in mice and damages the organism.In many parts of the world, the sale of genetically modified products has been accepted without sufficient research on the possible effects on human health.

What to do. You can avoid health risks associated with GM food by eating organic productswhich are 100% free of genetic modifications

No artificial ingredients

A recent study has shown that artificial colourings and sodium benzoate, which is frequently used in ready meals, can cause hyperactivity and attention problems in children. Animal studies have linked artificial compounds such as sulphates, benzoates, nitrates, sodium glutamate, and BHA to asthma, urticaria or cancer, and they may have similar effects in humans. The growth hormone used to increase milk production has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women.

What to do Replace ready meals with fruits, vegetables, and homemade food using organic products.Also change conventional milk for organic milk.

More nutritious

Organic fruits and vegetables grow slower in natural and rich soil but they can absorb a greater amount of minerals. Some studies have also proven a higher concentration of vitamins. Besides, we are learning more and more about the positive effects of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables, many of which have an antioxidant or anti-inflammatory effect. Its effectiveness for anti-aging and to avoid cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases and cancer is under investigation. Plants produce these compounds in stress situations due to the lack of nutrients. In conventional agriculture, plants are overflown with artificial nutrients, so they do not have the conditions to produce these phytochemicals. However, organic farming does promote the natural production of these compounds. The University of Barcelona proved that . Decrease cancer and brain haemorrhage by 50% and increase children’s intelligence.

What to do Make sure you eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. Much better if they are organic!

More flavour

Why are there more and more flavourless fruits and vegetables? In conventional agriculture, genes responsible for quick and uniform growth are selected at the expense of flavour. If you miss the intense flavour of lifelong fruits and vegetables you must try our organic food products!

More environmentally friendly

Did you know that most fertilisers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture are made out of petroleum? And that the remains of these substances are carried into our aquifers, rivers and seas polluting the water we drink and promoting the emergence of harmful algal and jellyfish? Reducing costs by using fertilisers and pesticides is expensive for the environment - and for us all.

What to do. Choose organic fruits and vegetables rather than conventional ones.