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Why buy with us?

Only organic products

In Freshvana you will only find 100% natural and pesticide-free products.We only sell organic food products, as they are what we choose to grow and eat with our family.

We are farmers

In Freshvana we have been growing organic products since 1975. We are experts in fruits and vegetables. We offer you the organic fruits and vegetables which we have grown in our fields and we eat at home. As the products are grown by ourselves, we can offer you an excellent price for the organic products shipped to your house.

The highest quality

Our fruits and vegetables are also exported to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, and other european countries. We are certified by ISO 9001, 14001, Bio Suisse, Global GAP and BRC/IFS.

Forget about going shopping

We know how hard it is to go shopping and carry several heavy bags back home. If you buy in Freshvana, you can get all your fruits, vegetables, legumes, pasta, oil, milk, and other essential foods delivered to your house. We do a weekly selection of the best organic products and take them to your front door. You can choose the shipping day and time. Your shopping box can also be sent to any of the Kiala pick-up spots around Spain.

Much more than a shop

In Freshvana we want you to get to know all the products you purchase, their health benefits, and how to get the most out of them. Every day we share with you the latest news about nutrition and health, we show you easy and delicious recipes to enjoy with your family and we put you in contact with our expert nutrition specialist.