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Who we are?

Our mission is to help you eat healthily with our organic food products, recipes, and our healthy advice.

We have arisen from a traditional agricultural cooperative in Murcia. We are the result of its farmers’ eagerness to offer the best of their crops to the final consumer.

Paco, Guillermo, José, Isabel, David, and Pablo are our major drivers, those who offer us on a daily basis the best product of their fields, well-treated and especially selected for Freshvana’s customers.

They are supported by our team of experts, who strongly believe in healthy eating and organic farming.

Adolfo García founded the Camposeven cooperative and also takes part in the Plan Response research company, which works on the improvement of organic farming techniques.

Inmaculada Sanmartín has a passion for everything related to a healthy lifestyle and bringing over the products to the consumers through the Internet and is an expert in communication and in obtaining the most interesting content.

If you wish to get to know us better or want to visit us please contact us at 868049972 or at email info@freshvana.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We’ll be delighted to help youo!