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Get to know our producers

Get to know our agricultural producers. The backbone of Freshvana are our farmers. Read about them!



Francisco Egea


More than 50 years being a professional in the agricultural area. His parents and grandparents were also farmers. He is passionate about country life.


He still remembers how many years ago a mule stepped on his foot while he tilled and the pain he had in his back when he collected the peppers from the plot to avoid them getting wet with the rain.


When he has some free hours in between his workdays, he likes to ride his bike and play cards with his friends.


He has lived through different steps of the agriculture and is aware that “the future is the return to the traditional growing methods taking advantage of the new technologies we have within reach".

Guillermo García


Our veteran farmer. 60 years of country life! He is at least the third generation of farmers in his family.


He started with a small melon field. He still remembers how hard the beginning was for him. He enjoys driving his granddaughters to school and playing cards. One of his favourite moments is his snacktime. Guillermo is an example of the saying that a countryside worker never retires. He his still learning and is keen on investing, innovating and continue expanding.


He loves taking care of his organic cultivation. His main working motivation is thinking that he is helping others to eat healthier products.


The Egea brothers


Francisco, Adolfo and Joaquín. Their great-great-grandfather was already a farmer. They have told us about the huge difference between the cultivation methods they used to have when they started working and the ones they have now. They highlight that the physical and mental weariness used to be greater in the old times and they really admire their parents and grandparents’ work.


They have been working in the fields for more than 30 years now, and have used organic cultivation systems since the 1990s! It is essential for them to cultivate respecting the environment and to obtain tasty and healthy food products for the customers.


Apart from being brothers and partners they also enjoy going cycling together. They have made up a cycling team with the rest of their partners. They are aware of the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and leading an active life in order to stay fit and healthy.

 Miguel Martínez


He is innovative above all. Due to his 30 years of experience in the fields he is far from being a traditional farmer. His father and grandfather were also farmers and he is confident and very passionate about new technologies.


Miguel is an organic-farming enthusiast. He is aware that the traditional cultivation causes serious damage to the environment and to the product. The taste of the fruit grown in his orchards is unique.


During his freetime, he uses his computer to investigate new cultivation techniques and goes cycling together with the rest of his partners. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Miguel was his investment for 2014: a field with 700 avocado trees. All of them organic, of course!



David Samper


He is one of the pioneers of the organic farming in Spain. His na decision was based on his certainty that this is a logical way of cultivation.” His 28 years of experience have given him a wealth of knowledge which enriches all our team. 


David started the organic farming with a small garden of oranges in which, unfortunately, he encountered an aphid plague. He did not want to lose the crop so he decided to go back to the traditional cultivation method in order to   attack the plague.  He was able to save the harvest but the oranges were not as tasty as he expected. He was persistent and decided to try again using organic cultivation techniques the following year. Unfortunately, his oranges were affected by the aphid plage once again. This time he closed his eyes and let it pass. To his surprise, the own nature could restore the balance of the production and maintain the quality and wonderful taste of the oranges. Since then, he defends the organic production at all costs.


David has a restless mind and body. He spends his free time doing activities of all kinds. He goes cycling with the rest of the members of the cooperative, does motocross, microlight aircraft, and whatever he has the opportunity to do. It is maybe because of the energy his organic oranges give him!



The youngest farmer of the Freshvana Team. Even so, he has more than 20 years of experience in the fields! Like the rest of his partners, his family has had several generations of farmers. He started doing organic farming two years ago. His main motivation is to protect the environment and to obtain fruits and vegetables of the best quality.


Guillermo represents the farmer of the twenty-first century. He is young, restless and uses new technologies. He loves to innovate using the best of modern techniques but always taking into account what he learnt from his father and grandfather. His ambition is to obtain better fruits and vegetables every year.


He is an athletics enthusiast and enjoys fishing underwater, but spending time with his adorable daughter is what he enjoys the most.


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