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Frequent questions

Why do you only sell organic products?

Many consumers want to avoid taking health risks which conventional products may have due to pesticides. Even authorised pesticide levels can lead to health problems.

Organic products do not contain traces of pesticides and have more flavour and a higher nutrient content which helps protect against cancer and other diseases. If you want more information, you can read about recent findings and write your opinion here.

Are organic products more expensive?

Yes. Conventional products are cheaper because they are designed to grow quickly and use fertilisers made out of petrol. In return, they have less flavour and damage the environment.

When eating organic products you avoid the release of chemical fertilisers in the environment and reduce your exposure to traces of pesticides. You can reduce the cost of organic fruits and vegetables by buying them in Freshvana directly from the producer, avoiding the use of intermediaries that could make the final product more expensive.

Which products are selected and where do they come from?

We like to offer seasonal goods which come from our farmers in Murcia and Alicante. However, there are some goods that we offer during the whole year, such as tomatoes and lettuce. When we do not have them in our own orchards, we get them fresh and cheap from other farmers. We make an effort to have products which have been cultivated in Spain.

How fresh are goods delivered?

We are farmers and we have been growing organic food products for more than 30 years now. We are experts in collecting fruit and vegetables at the right moment in order for it to be fresh when delivered to your house.

Is it worth buying organic fruit and vegetables online?

Yes. A person in charge of going shopping for a family of four members has to carry up to 600kg of fruit and vegetables every year. If you buy in Freshvana, you forget about going shopping and carrying everything back home. And you save the extra costs of intermediaries!

What’s the advantage of subscribing to Freshvana?

Forget about going shopping to buy fruits, vegetables, pasta, legumes, oil, and other commodities. You will get a present from us every month. If you want to stop receiving our products during a period of time (for example, when you go on holidays) you can send us an email or phone us and we won’t deliver nor charge your box.